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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sibling rivalry - the gift that keeps on giving.

The other day, I went to a family party at my mother’s home. I had a little brag about a story being short-listed in a comp. To tell the truth, I was delighted! I could hardly keep the smile off.
The winner won’t be announced until June, so I need to curb my impatience.

“There were seven short listed in all,” I added.

“So how many entrants?” asked my dear brother. “Eight?”

It doesn’t matter that we’re both in our forties and have kids (three each – what a copy cat!) neither of us will let the opportunity for a snide remark pass by.


  1. I notice you didn't answer the question...

  2. Me: "Six. They short-listed mine twice."

    Actually, that's what I wish I'd thought of at the time. I think I rolled my eyes and muttered how the hell should I know? The the conversation ended abruptly, because I had to go break up a fight between my own boys.

    Ah, siblings...