Who am I?

I am a writing and publishing guru. What I dont know about the market just isn't worth knowing. So what if I'm unpublished? I choose to give other writers the gift of my wisdom and experience* that the other 500,000 writing blogs out there fail to give.
* No actual experience

Works In progress

Get A Life
Tnis was my NaNo project.

YA paranormal.
Christina doesn't remember how she died, and the benefits of being unseen and unheard by all are wearing off - there's only so much gossip worth listening to and so many luscious guys worth spying on until it palls a little. Her best friend blames herself for Christies death, and there is nothing she can do to help. It seems that an old curse is stopping Christie from going to the next level, and as an earth bound spirit she is vulnerable to attack from other spirits.

Only her Nonna, a stony faced old witch, can communicate with her. Nonna won't tell her how she died until Christina can persuade Nonna's long dead sister from lifting the curse she placed on Nonna and her descendants. Easier said than done, considering that Nonna stole her sister's husband.

A slip-up at a seance means that Christie possesses her cousin, Tiffany, and Tiffany does not like it at all. Christie and Tiffany need to work together to stop Christie's best friend from going crazy and to lift the curse on their family.