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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When your advice has been followed...

Ah! It seems that one person has been paying attention. Well done! I've noted in previous posts the absolute neccesity of doing something to make your query stand out. Seems that this guy/girl has done so. Kudos for thinking outside the quadrilateral, and to take the adrenaline soaked plunge! Rules were made to be broken, after all.

Link below, to see what I mean. It's been retweeted all over the ether.
Dont tell me that's not publicity! What's that? Agents hate it?


  1. That is HILARIOUS!!! I think I've seen it all. I wonder sometimes what it would be like to be an agent or publisher for a day and see the junk that rolls in. I kinda have an idea because when I was 21 I was an intern at our local TV station and my job was to sort through the mail for a segment called "2 On Your Side." The letters I chose (after a phone call to flesh things out) would become stories...and it amazed me the things people would do to get on TV. People SCRAMBLE to be famous...and there are some really obnoxious, entitled people out there.

  2. Oh, Stephanie...I'd love to hear more about those days. Have you blogged about this um - interesting job of yours?