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Friday, April 29, 2011

The antidote is inspiration

After having been chained to the monitor for hours to complete work related stuff, writing some more was as enticing as a dental procedure combined with a waxing.  Even if it’s fun stuff like fiction or my don’t-go-there non fiction piece.

The procrastination switch gets hit, and it's lights out for inspiration.

But when I dragged myself back to the lap-top, instead of hitting the WIP, I trawled around writing sites, just to see what was going on. I can kill a few hours dead that way.

Then I happened on something that rang bells. A smile spread across my face as I drank the words in. It was THE best written piece on POV I have ever read. It made a wonderful point by showing, rather than telling. It resonated with me, because while my strength is with voice (or so I’ve been told), I absolutely suck at description. I’m not a visual thinker. I’m quite unobservant, and tend to omit descriptions of place/ setting from my pieces, which means that my writing suffers from this. But the info on this blog was just what I needed: descriptions coloured through a point of view. Obvious to some, I guess. I always felt that descriptions of place were something that you’d read in a third person omniscient piece, but of course that’s not the case!

Read this piece, it’s fantastic- had to share 

It has inspired me, and I have been re-charged since having read it.

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