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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Own Secret Story

Early last year, my short story "My Own Secret Dinosaur", was accpeted into an anthology, "Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever". It was a thrilling experience, as it was my first published short.

I write under the pen name of Jo Antareau. For those who know me in "real life", you might see a phonetic similarity between that and my actual name. Not that you can spell it easily, but, hey, I spend half my life spelling my real name, too.

I was totally blown away by the quality of the stories in the anthology, it was humbling to see my tale of a kid trying to keep a baby dinosaur secret included with some really well written and intriguing stories. They are all awesome, but I'm not telling you which one is my fave! Each story has been given a new cover, see below. Mine's kinda cute, yeah?

To promote the antho, the shorts have been released as stand-alone novellas on Amazon, and some will be available FREE. Watch this spot for details

And, I get to participate in a blog hop with the other authors, which is fun. Check out my team mates' blogs, below: