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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

But you have children to look after....

Ha, that's a great excuse to not write.
Children need and demand attention. Lots of it. And not just when you want to give it, it's on their terms. I guess if one neglects one's kids for long enough, they'll cease to be a problem. Child Protection services are quite picky about them needing food and sanitary living conditions and that nonsense. Or so I'm told.
The upshot of this is that they can provide a fabulous excuse to not write. They are a procrastinator's gold mine. "I cant write now, I have to supervise homework." or "not much time for writing this evening, with violin lessons, tae kwan do, choir. I'm ferrying my offspring everywhere".
Well, for those with pint-sized procratination fodder, what about this....
Jodi Picoult was a full time stay-at home mother with a small brood to care for. But she was a well organised and focused writer. She had them fed and bathed by the time her partner arrived home. As soon as he walked through the door (hope it didn't hurt much) she closeted herself in her study and just damned well wrote. No excuses.
A few bestselling titles later.....

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  1. Oh look, you got the cover image up! Yay you!

    And yes, since I have no little human rugrats, I must make up other excuses to procrastinate - such as checking up on all my friends' blogs...