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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not much writing

Not much writing going on.

Spent about one hour- ninty mins on the non-fiction piece.
No time on fiction. My aim had been for 500 fiction words per day, more on Tuesdays, which is a day I have set aside for writing.

Breakdown of reasons:
- Watching tv in evening instead of working on my 500 words
- Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, so I volunteered to go to school to help with a pancake day fundraiser. A bunch of us cooked over a thousand pancakes, and I was exhausted after 4 hours of cooking, cleaning, serving.
- One night I stayed up with my 7 year old boy who felt unwell (I put time aside during the evenings to write).
Lessons here:
- say NO to the idiot box
- Say NO to anything on Tuesdays. It's not a day off. It's my writing day. If I dont value it and keep it sacred, nobody else will.
- Share parent duties with husband. He could have spent some of the time sitting with boy-o.

Any other suggestions about beating procrastination?

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